Fitness inspo


I recently had my six week postpartum appointment and got cleared to work out again. Since then I have been trying to get motivated, and nothing motivates me more than new gear!

I can’t wait to go shopping and buy some new workout clothes, so I have been pinning like crazy for some inspo! I’m not someone that is comfortable just rocking a sports bra and leggings in the gym, even though I wish I was, but that doesn’t mean these looks can’t inspire me! So maybe one day I will be. 😜😜

I love how popular fitness is nowadays, especially for women! Even if you are not a hardcore bodybuilder or weightlifter you can still look cute in “athleisure” fashion. So even if I don’t plan on working out that day I can still look like I am.

Spring fashion


Jay here! A little over a month ago I gave birth to my second child, a baby boy! I’ve had time to get into the swing of things and now I am re-motivated to start blogging again! It also helps that I can fit into all my clothes again! hahaha 😅

Stripes have inspired me this spring season! Such a simple concept that can make any outfit look like you have your life some what put together.

Light and airy fabrics are also key to spring, since the weather is starting to get sunny but still has those cold winds!

I’m feeling very inspired so I’m just going to ride this wave and post as much as possible all the things that make me happy! Can’t wait to share! 😊

Skincare Basics


Professional skincare can be pricey but one thing you don’t want to skimp on is skincare! You’re going to have the same skin your entire life, invest in it. Read ingredients, look up what ingredients are good and bad for your skin. Believe it or not tons of ingredients in skincare can actually cause you to age quicker by damaging your cells and breaking down your collagen and elastin. When ingredients are listed they go in order of highest percentage to lowest percentage. So the first three or four ingredients are what is going to give you your results. These are your “active” ingredients. And truth is cheaper brands usually found in drugstores just can not afford to use high quality active ingredients at their price point. Be aware of department store or luxury name brands as well, a lot of times you are paying mostly for the name or the packaging. Look for professional brands, get a facial from a licensed esthetician and see what recommendations they have for your skin type.

As a licensed esthetician I’ve tried a lot of different skincare brands and continue to test out new brands all the time.

Here are my top three that I always find myself going back to:

Here are my top 3 everyday favorites from Dermalogica:

Dermalogica Active Moist

Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

My top favorites from Le Mieux:

TGF-B Eye firming masks

TGF-B Booster serum

Hyaluronic serum

Retinol serum

Eye wrinkle corrector

My top favorites from PCA:

PCA Facial Wash

PCA Vitamin C Serum

PCA Detoxifying Mask

Let me know if you want me to post my everyday morning and nighttime skincare routine!

XO- Tay

Sephora VIB sale


Here’s what I picked up during Sephora’s annual VIB sale going on now till Nov 15…

1. Smash box primer water- love this primer for the fall/winter months when my skin is a little dry and needs some extra hydration

2. Hourglass holiday palette vol III- such a great way to try out hourglass powders. They make such beautiful finely milled powders that apply so great to the skin.

3. Roses de Chloe perfume- one of my favorite scents. The VIB sale is a great time to stock up on your favorite scents at a discount!

4. Sunday Riley UFO face oil- I love this face oil. I have combo skin and experience some occasional small breakouts. I use this after I cleanse my face, follow with my favorite serums then moisturizer and eye cream. It works amazingly to keep my pores clear of blackheads and minimize their appearance. I spot treat only in my problem areas. This stuff is pricey but well worth it so get it now while it’s on sale!

5. Marc Jacobs eyeliner in grapevine- a great quality and long lasting eyeliner for a fun pop of color in the water line. Makes my brown eyes pop!

6. Marc Jacobs omega bronzer- I’ve been dying to try this bronzer and waited until the sale to finally pick it up. Let me know if any of you have tried it and what you think! ❤️

Happy Shopping!


Master bedroom…


Hello everyone! I’ve been looking for ideas to redo my master bedroom. I’m kind of stuck and lacking inspiration 😩

I like the idea of the room that is pictured above, I just don’t know if it is realistic for my lifestyle. What I mean by that is, I have a four year old plus a baby on the way and we all know kids are not the cleanest, plus my husband always comes home dirty and wants to take a nap before showering or anything! 

So all in all I’m not sure that a white or even pale colored comforter would work for me. I still love the look of it though and I would really like some sort of plant. It can totally be fake! hahaha 

What do you guys think?! Should I just go for it and take a chance?! What is everyone’s experiences with white comforters?! 😊😊😊 

Beanie weather


Since it’s finally starting to feel like fall I cannot wait to bust out my beanies!!!

An added bonus to beanie weather, you don’t have to style or even wash your hair! Personally, I only wash my hair like once a week so this is my favorite part of wearing beanies or hats!

Beanies can be worn when you just want to bum it or even if your trying to be cute 💁. They are actually super versitile and with how many different styles are out now, there is a beanie for every outfit! 

Halloween makeup monday


In honor of Halloween here are some looks that inspire me!

I feel like you barely need an actual costume these days with how creative people are with makeup! 

You can literally create thousands of different looks and completely transform yourself into any creature or person you want. 

I get excited every year to see all the new looks that makeup artists and even regular people come up with. 

Makeup Monday!!! 


Fall looks… 

let’s make this a thing! Every Monday we are going to do “Makeup Monday” and talk about different looks or products that we love right now! 

So obviously we are into the fall season, although the weather is saying otherwise, but regardless I am so inspired by these fall looks! 

Any look with a dark lip is a yes for fall! I am also loving “burnt” yellow and orange colors paired with gold this season. Just use warm tones and dark colors in your makeup looks and you can’t go wrong! 

Braided beauty 


I have been diggin the crown braids lately! It’s such a cute way to keep your hair down but still pulled out of your face!

This hairstyle is so good for those days that you don’t feel like washing your hair but you also don’t feel like slicking it back into a pony or bun. 

It’s also super cute and easy for any special occasion! I just love how versitile braids can be!