Bright is better


Bright bold eyeliner is so perfect for spring and summer! It gives your makeup look an extra ooommmmpphhh! Anyone can pull it off you just have to be brave enough to try something new 💁 

So many brands have colored liners out now that the options are endless. It doesn’t even have to be festival season, just add some to your normal everyday look when you want to be a little extra 😬😬 




I will forever be obsessed with a good pair of boyfriend jeans! They are just so good in every way. They are super versitile, you can dress them up or down.

For the days that your feeling a little extra “puffy” if you know what I mean, throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans and you will seriously be so comfy all day long! And especially for the days that you want to be comfy but still stylish and maybe even a little fancy, you can grab a pair of heels along with some cute accessories and BOOM 💥 done! 

I got my pair @target (super affordable), and I seriously wear them at least once or twice a week 😬😬 

Less is more


These natural “no makeup” makeup looks are killing it right now! I love how easy this look is to achieve and especially with summer around the corner, less is definitely more! 

Personally, I still want to look flawless on a day to day basis but I don’t want to spend hours with a full glam makeup routine. You don’t have to be a makeup artist to look good and feel confident in your makeup look. 

Even though I went to cosmetology school I still needed a lot of practice to perfect my makeup game! That’s what YouTube is for right?! 😜😜

Easy breezy


I love love a loose and lightweight button up! I wear one on days that I want to be comfy, also as a cover up to the beach. There are so many styles to choose from, Whether you want cropped, extra long or in between. I especially love all the different prints to choose from! 

I own an embarrassing amount of button ups for any type of outing, I can even snag an extra large one from my husband when I want to just lounge around the house! 

Out of this world


I am obsessed with everything about this opal/hallographic trend. There are so many ways to rock this from you hair to you nails to your makeup, even your clothes! 

Personally I have already tried the hallographic nails and highlighters and I’m seriously in love. Granted it’s not an everyday makeup look for me, it’s definitely a lot of fun to create different and unique looks. 

I’m really hoping that this trend sticks around for a while. I can’t wait to see more amazing creations! (All pictures from Pinterest.) 

My lip gloss is poppin


I’m diggin this glossy lip trend! For a while everyone was into the liquid to matte lips so I’m glad things are switching up and people are bringing back lipglosses! 

Don’t get me wrong I love a good matte lipstick but I need some more variety in my life! It makes me so happy to see brands add colored glosses to their collections. Especially with spring and summer right around the corner, it’s good to have options! 

Plus it adds an extra little Oomph to your makeup look when you want to look extra sexy. 😉 

Let me SLIP into something…


Slip dresses are so comfortable and sexy! The silk type of material feels so nice on the skin that you just feel like your wearing pajamas! (Which you kind of are). But it’s ok because they are totally on trend. 

Pictured above are three different ways to style them that are super simple! Plenty of brands make there own versions of this look but you can literally just pick one up in the pajama/ panty section of your favorite department store 😬 and probably for cheaper!                                            (All pictures from @pinterest)