GLOW up 


I’m obsessed with this blinding glow combined with a simple makeup look. There’s something so effortless about it, yet you look so flawless.

I just recently hopped on the highlighter train and I’m am addicted to finding new and better ones. I normally gravitate towards gold highlighters because my skin in warm toned, but I just purchased the Kat Von D Alchemist palette and I love it so far! I have only used it twice but it’s holographic Goodness! 

I can’t wait to see how long this highlight trend lasts, and what new and amazing products will be created! 


All black everything 


Do you ever have those days where you just stare into your closet and hate everything piece of clothing that you own? 

Well I do… and on those days I reach for black. Ironically it’s not just because I’m sad and want to replace my entire wardrobe. But it’s also because I know that I can put on all black and still look like I have my life figured out. 

All black everything isn’t just for goths anymore. 

Denim is always a good idea. 


Denim is an oldie but goodie… a classic, every time that I am in a fashion rut I reach for my denim jacket and I feel complete. 

It’s so simple yet putting it on instantly elevates any outfit. You can dress it up or down, and it should definitely be a staple in everyone’s closet. 

I can honestly say that I do NOT see the denim jacket going out of style any time soon and if you ever feel like your outfit is missing something, it’s probably missing a denim jacket. 

To bleach or not to bleach…


Oh the bleach blonde bob. I feel like every woman goes through the phase where they want to chop off all there hair and go blonde. 

I myself went through it and normally it signifies a transition phase in your life. Whether it be a break up, or a new career, or even a big move… it’s always change. 

Change is good, I am the queen of change, I cannot keep the same hair color for more than a month. But when a woman chops off all her hair and makes an appearance change this big, she’s ready for something new. 

Being a hairdresser I have seen and heard so many stories as to why they want to take the plunge into bleach, and I just love to see their faces when I’m done. It’s almost like at first they don’t recognize themselves, in a good way, but are re motivated and ready to take on any new challenge that life throws their way. 

Natural is better?


I LOVE that natural brows are coming back! Especially paired with a subtle smoky eye, it’s literally perfection. 

I just wish that the brow gods blessed me with bushy beauty’s like the ones above. But sadly Tay and I are not so lucky 😩 we had the same problem, as I’m sure almost every girl did… over plucking! The thinner the better was the way to go back in the day. Ugh I would give anything to have the glorious brows I had back When I was a kid. 

Seriously though, loving that natural looks are on trend again and in my opinion, YES natural is bettttttter. 

Makeup is art…



I am so inspired by all of the unique makeup looks that people create nowadays. It is so amazing how people aren’t afraid to express themselves in all these different ways and really step out of the box of the so called “norm”. 

Growing up I never wore makeup. Mostly because of the fact that I was lazy in high school 😬. But I always wanted to. Now in my late twenties I am finally experimenting with makeup and having a lot of fun creating looks. 

Being a cosmetologist, I learned basic makeup skills but I was more interested in hair. I also did NOT like being “all up” in clients faces while doing their makeup. Tay learned basic makeup skills as well, being an esthetician, but she was more into, for lack of better words,”popping pimples” and “squeezing blackheads”. 😬😬😬 

Back to the makeup look pictured above, I’ve been loving the looks that people create with no brows. I seriously wish that I had the balls to shave mine off or even bleach them. But I’m not that hardcore yet. Hahaha 

Everyday fashion


I live for simple looks like the one above 👆. I have a three year old and if I have to run out of the house in a hurry to get shit done, this is one of the easiest ways to look flawless. 

I feel like anyone can achieve this look by literally just looking in their closet. Graphic tee, sneakers, jeans and a cardigan… done.