My lip gloss is poppin


I’m diggin this glossy lip trend! For a while everyone was into the liquid to matte lips so I’m glad things are switching up and people are bringing back lipglosses! 

Don’t get me wrong I love a good matte lipstick but I need some more variety in my life! It makes me so happy to see brands add colored glosses to their collections. Especially with spring and summer right around the corner, it’s good to have options! 

Plus it adds an extra little Oomph to your makeup look when you want to look extra sexy. 😉 


Let me SLIP into something…


Slip dresses are so comfortable and sexy! The silk type of material feels so nice on the skin that you just feel like your wearing pajamas! (Which you kind of are). But it’s ok because they are totally on trend. 

Pictured above are three different ways to style them that are super simple! Plenty of brands make there own versions of this look but you can literally just pick one up in the pajama/ panty section of your favorite department store 😬 and probably for cheaper!                                            (All pictures from @pinterest) 



So I’m still totally into the choker trend. I love them all but I’m especially loving the dainty gold chain styles and layering them with other different style chokers and different length necklaces.

Here are a few of my favorites. 

St Eve Jewelry Luna choker
St Eve Jewelry Lily choker
James Michelle mini heart choker
James Michelle circle choker
Nordstrom layered choker

You can even double up a longer necklace to make it choker length or get some cute felt or rope style materials from your local craft store and wrap it and tie around your neck, add a pendant…get creative…simple. 




French braids have been my jam since my softball days! I’ve literally been rocking the braids since I was a kid for sure. 

On days where my hair is a mess and I just can’t figure out what to do with it, I end up doing French braids. They are so cute and simple to do, especially when your hair is dirty! They actually stay a lot better so the dirtier the better 😬 

I’ve already started doing braids on my three year old and it’s so much easier than dealing with her crazy hair all day. They will never go out of style! 



I’m so obsessed with bangs right now and I don’t know why. They are such a classic hairstyle and I love how you can look cute and “put together” even when the rest of your hair is a mess. 

I’m always going back and forth with cutting my bangs and growing them out. I love the way micro bangs look on me but they are a lot of maintenance, so I end up just getting lazy and letting them grow.

There so many different styles of bangs that they can work on the majority of face shapes. This is one of those haircuts that’s always on trend! 

Classic red


The classic red lip, a staple in makeup. There are so many different shades for ever skintone that anyone can pull it off!

If I’m feeling uninspired or in a makeup rut, my go to is a red lip. You can wear it with a casual outfit or even on a fancy night out! Honestly putting on a red lip makes me feel beautiful and like I can accomplish anything! 



I am seriously LIVING for this metallic hair trend! It’s such a beautiful and “subtle” way to rock an unnatural color. (If fashion colors can be subtle!😬) 

It’s becoming so much easier to achieve this look since a lot of brands have been coming out with metallic colors, rather than having to formulate it yourself! Even makeup brands are creating Metallic liquid lips and eye shadows.

I’m hoping that this trend sticks around for a while and I can’t wait to see what metallic madness gets created next!