A little homespiration for you today, I recently moved into a new house and I’ve been obsessed with home decor! Especially a circular mirror for some reason… I just love how it adds a little oomph if you will. 

If I could put one in every room without my husband thinking I was crazy, I totally would 😬. 

It’s so simple but different from the traditional square or rectangular shape of the standard mirror. They look amazing hung above a table or shelf that has straight lines so it draws your eye up. 

I just love them so much right now and I’ve literally been seeing them everywhere, I actually just bought a small one from Target’s dollar spot last night! 


One thought on “Homespiration 

  1. I’ve always liked circles. – round mirrors, dream catchers, wreaths I make from vines… and some day I’d love to have a round window. But for now, I’m collecting metal/wire circles to make a circle sculpture. Thanks for following, “Anything is Possible.”

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