Easy breezy


I love love a loose and lightweight button up! I wear one on days that I want to be comfy, also as a cover up to the beach. There are so many styles to choose from, Whether you want cropped, extra long or in between. I especially love all the different prints to choose from! 

I own an embarrassing amount of button ups for any type of outing, I can even snag an extra large one from my husband when I want to just lounge around the house! 


Out of this world


I am obsessed with everything about this opal/hallographic trend. There are so many ways to rock this from you hair to you nails to your makeup, even your clothes! 

Personally I have already tried the hallographic nails and highlighters and I’m seriously in love. Granted it’s not an everyday makeup look for me, it’s definitely a lot of fun to create different and unique looks. 

I’m really hoping that this trend sticks around for a while. I can’t wait to see more amazing creations! (All pictures from Pinterest.)